REDUCTRESS LIVE!/Pretty Boys: Austin Sketch Fest 5/26

Pretty Boys will be performing at Austin Sketch Fest on Friday May 26 at the Spider House Ballroom at 8:00 PM! We open for our dear friends at Reductress! If you’ll be in Austin, Texas, you should come out. I’ll be there, assuming my flight isn’t canceled:

Nice lil’ window to take off at 5 PM 🙏🏻

I want to eat all the Austin food truck things.

Also, next NYC Pretty Boys show will be Monday, June 5th!

Okay bye!

Everscape at NYC Fringe Festival

Everscape Poster

Everscape PosterHooray! I’ll be in a play about a video game that is extremely reminiscent of another video game that rhymes with Boarld of Doorcraft. It involves all sorts of fun references, fight scenes, a really great story, and attractive young people. The best of all worlds!

Everscape opens in mid-August at the New York City Fringe Festival. Tickets are available July 17th by clicking this link!

Come, because of all things fun.

Here are some links:

Official Website
Facebook page (Like it, share it, follow updates)

Susie’s Hope TV Premiere

Hi all,

Long time no blog! I just wanted to say that the sweet lil’ film I was in about a sweet lil’ dog, Susie’s Hope, is premiering tonight on UPtv. If you get that channel, it’ll be on tonight at 8:00 PM. Then again at 10:00. Then AGAIN at 12:00!

Should you watch it three times? Why not? Here’s the link to UPtv’s website with a clip from the movie: