Susie’s Hope Premiere at RiverRun International Film Festival!

Busy day! I am now sitting in Charlotte Douglas International Airport, waiting for my 10:00 PM flight back to New York City. This after having flown into North Carolina just this morning to race over to Winston-Salem for the RiverRun International Film Festival!

I’ve been blabbering on about Susie‘s Hope for a long time now, so I hope you’ll forgive me, but the movie had it’s world premiere right in the town it was shot in just under a year ago. I missed the Saturday premiere with Burgess Jenkins and Emanuelle Vaugier, but Susie was there stealing attention as usual.

I’m very happy with the final product. The film is incredibly touching and is going to move a lot of people to rethink a very serious issue regarding animal rights. It’s premiering for the first time here, and is moving on to the Cape Fear Film Festival pretty soon.

I’m happy that I got to see some good people, my family, and this film (on a beautiful North Carolina day) but after enjoying the weather, driving in a car on a country road, and yamming on some Bojangles, I’m ready to get back to the grind in NYC. (But not ready for this late flight and bus ride from LaGuardia.)

I can’t wait to be back in North Carolina filming my next project. It’s where I call home, and it’ll always be home.

Here are some pictures from the festival – there are a few more screenings and many more great films to see this week, so check it out!

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