Why is it that when I ordered my first laptop computer, I quickly found out that it’s not the one I would need forever and ever? How did it get so slow so soon? How is it that when I try to load a certain amount of software, it can’t hold all of it because there’s not enough memory? How does “memory” run out on a computer when it has absolutely nothing to do with the size of a computer chip or the computer itself? Why does my computer overheat and shut off? Shouldn’t they have planned for that? Why do some programs work on my computer but other programs need a Mac to work? Why do I need to upgrade my RAM or my video card in order to see things or work on projects properly? Couldn’t all computers just be perfect and work like you need them and have everything they ought to and make the world a better place? Why isn’t the Internet insanely fast? It’s like 20 times faster in Korea than it is here. Any explanation? Why aren’t computers and computer programs more comprehensive?

These questions weren’t answered in any FAQ section and no company seems to believe in posting a phone number to call and ask so if anyone from Microsoft, Apple, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, HP, Gateway, RCA, Sony, Logitech, JVC, Toshiba, Alienware, Compaq, Samsung, IBM, or Google wants to answer, be my guest.