Sundae Fundae: The State of Us


I’m starting a segment called SUNDAE FUNDAE because having a blog means that I should attempt to publish something at least somewhat regularly.

This week’s Sundae Fundae comes from Tar Heel alums Robert Stephens and Alex Whittington and the web series they’ve created called The State of Usa news source more potent in its capacity to illicit social revolution since Fox News first aired Glenn Beck.  Patton Oswalt recently said that comedy is changing, implying that it’s more the artists’ medium than ever and making our own work is more possible than it’s ever been.  And I’m like, “Yeah, look at ‘The State of Us!’ and ‘EPIC MEAL TIME.'”  #Amirite?

Anyway, enjoy the most recent episode of TSOU, which discusses workplace etiquette as well as leaked pages from the controversial script of Finding Nemo 2.