Upcoming Shows!

Hey you guuuuuyyyyysssssss.

SO I have some shows coming up in February! First will be the FIRST CHiPs SHOW OF THE YEAR which will be taking place in UNC’s Hanes Art Center (not Hamilton Hall, where we typically perform) due to the Student Union’s cooky construction schedule and the installation of that new Wendy’s in the Student Union. Now, I could complain about the construction schedule screwing around with us performing in Hamilton which is an AWESOME performance space… but I’m a little angrier about the fact that the Wendy’s is going to be finished after I am LONG GONE from UNC. So. Weak. Whyyyyy did no one build that earlier. But whatever.

Also you can now stay posted to CHiPs updates and show announcements on Twitter! Follow at twitter.com/CHiPsComedy

Also the MILFORD PROJECT is underway! We’ve been in rehearsal for a couple weeks and it’s been one heck of a ride. Our director, Scott Ripley, has studied commedia dell’arte and has been pushing the actors toward a completely different process when it comes to character development and acting in general. It’s going to be a very strange, very funny finished project when it opens in February!

They also made a Twitter: twitter.com/UNC_Milford. Follow for updates and pictures from rehearsals! I’ll try and take a few myself and post them up here shortly.